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Nowadays , we were experienced in organizing a campfire where two years ago we had organized by us.
Talk about the 2nd PBSM DAY , all the sweet and proud moment were still fresh in our memory.
At that year' PBSM DAY, almost 10 teams of uniform units participated in the competitions like first aid , footdrill ,
modern cooking and many more.

                  Among the competitions , footdrill competition attracted most of the participers.This competition elevated the spirit of teamwork in a team. Discpline was remained while leadership was trained.
                  After two day had passed , then we had came to the last competition where this competition involved all the participers. Just imagine how big the crowd was! This is night where all the results will be announced. Competitions like fancy dress , sketch, song and dance were held at this night.This night everybody were enjoy themselves.This night is the moment that everybody were waiting for. This fantastic night was the “Malam kebudayaan”( THE GLORIOUS NIGHT is only start called from the 3rd PBSM DAY & THE GLORIOUS NIGHT).
                   Well, all the nice things must come to the end after all just as well as the 2nd PBSM DAY.But don’t worry, be happy! Cause we can meet then in the 3RD PBSM DAY & THE GLORIOUS NIGHT. Please join us , cause it will be fantastic !

                 Campfire is a popular skill competition which involve most of today uniform unit especially the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Scouts and Girl Guides.It also an activity which offer trophies to each skill competition winner like first aid competition , footdrill competition and many more.
              Every uniform unit members are encouraged to participate in this benefits and eruptions gaining competition.
             Campfire evokes the spirit of teamwork in each contingent where this powerful spirit determines each contingent’s achievement.
             Campfire is also an activity which tighten the friendship between the participers.
Beside, opportunity also given to them to learn from each other.
             Since it was a nice activity, so why you miss it? Come join us at this year’s millennium battle --- 3RD PBSM DAY & THE GLORIOUS NIGHT.